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We want to help reporters quickly identify sources needed for a given news assigment. For immediate help finding an expert for your story, please contact Managing Editor, Joseph Caspermeyer by email: or by phone: (480) 727-0369. Joe is the lead for media relations, content development and science communications. 

OR, you can FIND a Biodesign or ASU expert online.

The online, searchable database tool, called SciVal Experts, is available to help locate experts by name, keywork or subject area, or to explore research funding and publications for ASU, academic units and research institutes like Biodesign.

Find Research Expertise using SciVal Experts

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What is SciVal Experts?

SciVal Experts is a powerful search engine available to help you identify ASU researchers with specific areas of expertise based on their publications and grants. The researcher profiles in SciVal Experts are comprised of scientific and technical publications indexed in Elsevier’s Scopus database as well as funded grant information. Once information is loaded into the database, the powerful Elsevier Fingerprint Engine can be used to build a researcher’s expertise “fingerprint”, or visual profile, which is fully searchable. This technology utilizes semantic technology and field-of-research specific vocabularies to help people identify a resear expertise in very precise terms.

Helpful Tips

The search engine can be utilized in three capacities.

  1. By Concept: In order to receive the most informative information, it is important to utilize precise verbiage.  For example, enter “blood pressure” and not “health”. Also, be mindful that simple words like “law” will pull up sets of results in a variety of areas including legislation, laws of physics, conservation laws, etc.
  2. By Last Name
  3. By Free Text: Free text allows you to copy and paste information from anywhere and Elsevier Fingerprint Engine will analyze the search criteria, identify concepts, and match it to relevant experts. An example would be copying RFP information from a sponsor in order to identify collaborators that are most strongly suited to submit a proposal.

This information is made available to the public, as are other instances as fellow institutions, in order to facilitate cross-institutional collaborations, economic development initiatives, and other external partnerships. There are over 94,000 research profiles over 110 organizations worldwide. To access these instances and see who else is using SciVal Experts, click on ‘SciVal Experts Community’ from the left hand menu or click here.Contact Information

For more information or additional assistance, please contact