Science is the Force

Saturday, Oct. 28
Four hours before kickoff
Biodesign tent (#K–91)



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May the Fork Be with You: Just after the parade and before the ASU Homecoming football game, everyone can enjoy a free block party spread out over 14 acres on ASU’s Tempe campus. This festive Sun Devil celebration is a perfect chance to learn what Arizona State University has to offer. Collect athlete signatures, watch cultural dancers and enjoy delicious fry bread among other delights.

Science is The Force: The Biodesign Institute tent will connect you with The Living Force of science. Feel The Force flowing through you, connecting all living things. Make a midichlorian coaster or watch Wookie toothpaste erupt like Chewbacca’s temper. Perform a mind trick and win a prize. Before you leave, strap on Yoda ears to show that you are one with The Force.

Share The Force of Science. Perform a Force push to encourage friends and family to come with you. See why science is so much fun!

Teleport to the ASU Biodesign tent (#K–91)


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Parking is free for this event.

For more information contact:

Julie Kurth
Marketing & Communication Manager
The Biodesign Institute | Arizona State University
Office: 480.727.9386 |  e-mail: