Engineering Bioinspired Materials for Human Health Applications

Engineering Bioinspired Materials for Human Health Applications

August 15, 2018


727 E. Tyler St.
Tempe, AZ 85281


Biodesign Institute, Auditorium

Date and Time

August 27, 2018, 10:45 am (Length: 1 hour 15 minutes)

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Jessica Schiffman, PhD, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering, Professor James M. Douglas Career Development Faculty Fellow, University of Massachusetts

By synthesizing bioinspired and “greener” materials, we can reduce the spread of microbial resistant genes and the use of toxic solvents in applications, such as wound healing scaffolds and water purification membranes, respectively. Jessica Schiffman will discuss a story from her lab’s two synergistic research thrusts, ranging from the fundamental properties of polymer coatings have on the surface-associated transport of bacteria to the adhesion of bacteria under quiescent conditions. By decoupling the effects of molecular architecture, stiffness, and thickness from coating chemistry, Schiffman has unlocked specific structure-property relationships that can be tailored to control the initial stage of bacterial adhesion. Schiffman aims to illustrate her recent findings and how these results can guide the green engineering of multifunctional antifouling materials.