ASU oceanographer featured on STEM Journals television show

ASU oceanographer featured on STEM Journals television show

November 19, 2013

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    Susanne Neuer, School of Life Sciences associate professor, appears on Cox 7 Arizona's "STEM Journals." Photo by: Susanne Neuer

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November 19, 2013

Water is the basis of all life on planet Earth, and it is currently the focus of a science-based television show. Geoff Notkin, host of Cox 7 Arizona’s “STEM Journals,” interviews Arizona State University associate professor Susanne Neuer as part of an episode focused on water and important water-related issues.

Notkin meets Neuer in the field as she takes water samples from the Salt River in central Arizona.

Neuer is an oceanographer who runs a marine biology lab at ASU’s School of Life Sciences. Her research focuses on many water-related areas, including the biology of plankton organisms in a changing ocean, the quantification of carbon export in subtropical oceans and the adaptation of sea ice organisms living enclosed in the brine channels of sea ice, to name a few.

In Arizona, Neuer’s lab has studied recurrent algae blooms in the Salt River lakes, as these blooms are known to release toxins. However, one of Neuer’s recent projects takes place in the Sargasso Sea, where she studies phytoplankton communities and their contribution to carbon export.

STEM Journals is a television show for middle school students focused on science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Article Source: STEM Journals
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