Lih-Fen Lue

Lih-Fen Lue

Research Professor, ASU-Banner Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center


Lih-Fen Lue is a Research Professor at Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center (NDRC) at the Arizona State University. Prior to joining the current position, Dr. Lue was a Senior Scientist at Banner Sun Health Research Institute (BSHRI), where is the home of one of the very best Brain and Whole Body Donation Program in the world. Dr. Lue still maintains a close affiliation with the BSHRI. Through that, she carries on a unique human postmortem brain cell program that she and her colleagues started almost two decades ago. The program provides precious resources for modeling human-specific neurodegenerative diseases in postmortem brain cells derived directly from patients and healthy elderly. After years of modeling Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in animal models, one big challenge is the translational gap from the scientific findings due to physiological differences between species.  One of the goals of Dr. Lue’s research is to bridge the gap by using human brain cells in 3-D system on research projects that aim to enhance beneficial innate immunity to improve clearance of misfolded proteins in the diseases.  

Another of Dr. Lue’s research focus is to develop blood biomarkers that help early diagnosis and differentiation of various neurodegenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s disease and alpha synucleinopathic disorders. For these projects, she works closely with neurologists in Barrow Neurological Institute and BSHRI. 

Dr. Lue obtained her B.S. and M.S. degrees from National Taiwan University of Taiwan, and Ph.D. in Animal Science Department of Iowa State University, and completed her post-doctoral work at Veterinary Medicine College of Iowa State University and Sun Health Research Institute.