Bioinformatics Core


Associated with the Biodesign Institute, the Bioinformatics Core (BiCo) Facility at ASU provides effective and efficient bioinformatics solutions to the research community. Centralized resources of high-end computation facilities and experienced bioinformaticians are accessible to investigatros who are challenged by the large volume and increased complexity of omics data. Via close collaboration with BiCo scientists from multidisciplinary background, biologists will be able to harness the power of their data and become more competitive in their research fields.

BiCo also believes in empowering biologists to perform their own analysis. Workshops focusing on various aspects of bioinformatics and biostatistics are taught on a regular basis, and adapted to students, postdocs and faculties with diverse scientific background.

Researchers at ASU and at public and private research institutions worldwide are invited to use BiCo facility. Initial inquiries about BiCo should be directed to "bico at".