Methods for Obtaining Information from Single Cells Within Populations Using DNA Origami Nanostructures Without the Need for Single Cell Sorting.

Joseph N. Blattman, Hao Yan, Louis Schoettle, Xixi Wei
U.S. patent no. 20160122752 granted 5/5/2016.
Licensed: (2014) GigaGen, Inc., 409 Illinois Street, San Francisco, CA 94158.

High Throughput Oil-Emulsion Synthesis of Bowtie Barcodes for Paired mRNA Capture and Sequencing from Individual Cells.

Joseph N. Blattman, Louis Schoettle
U.S. provisional patent filed 8/19/2016.

Antibody Fusion Protein and Related Compositions for Targeting Cancer.

Rachael Sirianni, Rebecca McCall, Tsafrir L. Mor, Joseph N. Blattman
U.S. provisional patent filed 1/5/2017.