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Top 10 recent, representative publications 

  • Sackman A, RB Harris, and JD Jensen, 2019. Inferring demography and selection in organisms characterized by skewed offspring distributions. Genetics 211: 1019-28.
  • Jensen JD, BA Payseur, W Stephan, CF Aquadro, M Lynch, D Charlesworth, and B Charlesworth, 2019. The importance of the Neutral Theory in 1968 and 50 years on. Evolution 73: 111-4.
  • Harris RB, A Sackman, and JD Jensen, 2018. On the unfounded enthusiasm for soft selective sweeps II: examining recent evidence from humans, flies, and viruses. PLOS Genetics 14(12): e1007859.
  • Matuszewski S, M Hildebrandt, G Achaz, and JD Jensen, 2018. Coalescent processes with skewed offspring distributions and non-equilibrium demography. Genetics 208: 323-38.
  • Renzette N, SP Pfeifer, S Matuszewski, TF Kowalik, and JD Jensen, 2017. On the analysis of intra-host and inter-host viral populations: human cytomegalovirus as a case study of pitfalls and expectations. Journal of Virology91: e01976-16.
  • Bank C, S Matuszewski, R Hietpas, and JD Jensen, 2016. On the (un)predictability of a large intragenic fitness landscape. PNAS 113: 14085-90.
  • Ewing G, and JD Jensen, 2016. The consequences of not accounting for background selection in demographic inference. Molecular Ecology 25: 135-141.
  • Jensen JD, 2014. On the unfounded enthusiasm for soft selective sweeps. Nature Communications 5: 5281.
  • Bank C, R Hietpas, A Wong, D Bolon, and JD Jensen, 2014. A Bayesian MCMC approach to assess the complete distribution of fitness effects of new mutations: uncovering the potential for adaptive walks in challenging environments. Genetics 196: 841-52.
  • Foll M, YP Poh, N Renzette, A Ferrer-Admetlla, H Shim, AS Malaspinas, G Ewing, C Bank, P Liu, D Wegmann, D Caffrey, K Zeldovich, D Bolon, J Wang, T Kowalik, C Schiffer, R Finberg, and JD Jensen, 2014. Influenza drug resistance: a time-sampled population genetics perspective. PLOS Genetics 10: e1004185.

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