Imaging Facility

The Biodesign Imaging Core Facility, located on the 3rd floor of the Biodesign Institute building B, serves research communities, clinical partners and industry with the latest bioimaging technology and instrumentation to meet critical research needs.

The facility houses state-of-the-art research tools to enable the observation of subcellular structures and to follow cellular processes, quantify ion or metabolite levels and measure interactions of molecules live where they happen. Appropriate tracers, e.g., specific fluorochromes, and advanced microscopic instruments, e.g. confocal laser scanning microscopes housed in the facility, can be used to view entire cells or tissues up to small, multicellular organisms.

Instrumentation & Applications:

  • Wide-field, inverted fluorescence
  • Nikon C2 Scanning Confocal with 402, 488, 561, 639 nm excitation lasers
  • Nikon SIM-E, Structured Illumination
  • Automated Live-cell imaging system


  • Live-cell imaging on confocal and SIM
  • Spectral detection
  • Automated, long-term time-lapse
  • Live or fixed cell super-resolution, 125 nm resolution in 3 channels


  • User training on all instruments
  • Experiment design
  • Fluorophore and probe selection
  • Image analysis and processing



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