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Introduction to the molecular biology of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine candidates

January 19, 2021

Ian Hogue, PhD Biodesign Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy presents: Introduction to the molecular biology of COVID-19 vaccines and vaccine candidates This is part of the Navajo Emerging Infection and Tribal Communities Conference on Emerging Infection and Tribal Communities. Registration is free.  Register

Remodeling Nuclear Architecture Allows Efficient Transport of Herpesvirus Capsids by Diffusion

January 11, 2018

Presented by  Ian Hogue, PhD, Assistant Professor, Biodesign Center for Immunotherapeutics, Vaccines and Virology Virus particles have evolved to make themselves cargoes of intracellular trafficking mechanisms. For example, alpha herpesvirus particles recruit microtubule motors to transport up to a meter down the axons of neurons. But how do these particles, which are too large to exit via the nuclear pore complex, move a few microns to get out of the nucleus? Join herpes...

Fall class of faculty and new centers boost Biodesign research endeavors

September 13, 2017

With the start of the fall semester and official launch of the 2017-2018 ASU academic year underway, the Biodesign Institute is pleased to welcome two new center directors and eleven faculty joining its rapidly expanding research enterprise. Recently, the Biodesign Institute celebrated Biodesign C's Topping Out ceremony, and watched the last beam – replete with hundreds of Biodesign employee signatures and well-wishes – lofted atop the framework and into prosperity. With this...