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Our research portfolio ranges from early stage fundamental or exploratory research, where the eventual application is uncertain, to mature projects that are on the threshold of translation to clinical trials, development by industrial partners or launch as Biodesign spin-out companies. A large fraction of the Institute’s funding comes from investigator- or center-initiated research grants or contracts awarded pursuant to requests for proposals from federal agencies.  These federal grants and contracts have accounted for 57 percent of total expenditures since inception.

Research projects are the life-blood of the Institute, providing support to original research with target applications that connect national interests with the capabilities of our laboratories. Such projects allow us to employ and educate students as well as to advance the capabilities and capacities of the Institute. Such research often generates the novel ideas and serendipitous findings that open new avenues and opportunities while contributing to the advancement of scientific understanding. 

We rely on donations from individuals and organizations to support these efforts, particularly at the start-up and "proof-of-concept" stages when other primary sources of funding such as federal grants are less available. To learn more about opportunities to identify and support Biodesign research, please contact:

Stephen Munk
Biodesign Institute

We want to help like-minded clinical, corporate and philanthropic partners to be able to quickly identify areas of interest to invest in Biodesign research, and catalyze the translation of these discoveries into the marketplace.

In addition, a new online, searchable database tool, called SciVal Experts, is available to help locate ASU experts by name, keywork or subject area, to explore partnerships and support of research at the Biodesign Institute.