Poster Guidelines

Who should submit? 

All Biodesign postdocs, graduate and undergraduate students are asked to submit a poster to be presented at the retreat where more than 150 Biodesign faculty members can learn more about your work. If the first author is not available to present, another nonfaculty/student author can present in the first author's place.

Steps to submit a poster:

1.  Get approval. Before submitting an abstract, have a faculty mentor approve the following aspects of your poster: 

  • Title
  • Authors and affiliations
  • Abstract

2.  Gather information.

  • Your name, department, email and program (use your ASU email)
  • Faculty mentor name and email address
  • Title of your poster
  • Authors and their affiliations. List yourself first or use an asterisk to indicate the presenting author. 
  • Abstract text

3.  Write abstract with the following considerations: 

  • What background information will someone outside your field need to understand about your work and the nature of the problem you are trying to solve?
  • Does your abstract contain a clearly defined hypothesis or goal?
  • What results were obtained and what methods were used to obtain them? 
  • What conclusions can be drawn from the data and what is the significance and impact on the field?

4.  Submit abstracts on or before Wednesday, March 18, at 5 p.m.

If submitted by the deadline, your poster will be included in the digital abstracts booklet and be eligible for judging at the scientific retreat. 

Abstracts. Abstracts should be 250 words or less (excluding the title, authors and their affiliations). Your poster should detail current work or work you have conducted at the Biodesign Institute within the past two years. You are welcome to use posters you have already made for other meetings.

Posters. All posters will be printed on gloss paper, at no cost if printed by the ASU Print and Imaging Lab. Maximum size is 42 x 42 inches. For free printing and to receive the poster ahead of the retreat, submit posters to the Print Lab by April 8, 11:59 p.m. Visit or Search for “Biodesign poster upload.” Click on the gray upload box and make your selections. To upload you poster file, scroll down and click the green button. When you are in the shopping cart, enter discount code BIOFusion2020. For mail code type “MC5001 Biodesign A308” on the Print Lab form. 

Prizes and award certificates. Based on submissions, a select number of poster presenters will be invited to give a brief presentation highlighting their research during the Rapid Fire round that kicks off the poster session. There are 10 award categories and two “people’s choice” honorees.

Questions? If you need additional information about the poster session or submission, please contact