Biodesign’s FUSION 2018 Scientific Retreat!

A message from the Executive Director

Welcome to FUSION 2018 – our Biodesign Scientific Retreat


Each year I look forward to our annual scientific retreat - to explore and discuss new ideas that  we can pursue together as we illuminate threats, mobilize teams and shepherd solutions through technology-driven, biologically-inspired approaches to solve some of the world's largest problems in health, security and sustainability.


This year's scientific retreat is focused around the theme of Team Science, that is working collaboratively to address scientific challenges which leverage the strengths and expertise of professionals trained in different fields. Team Science is a hallmark of Biodesign and ASU. How do YOU think about and participate in Team Science?

Our presentations, discussions, activities and poster session will focus on approaches to prepare, build, communicate and support our Team Science efforts. We will learn together, highlight the work of our young and developing scientists, celebrate scientific inquiry and gain a deeper understanding of our research as we explore new funding targets and launch collaborative activities to advance the Biodesign Institute.

I look forward to your active participation at our Scientific Retreat.

Joshua LaBaer
Executive Director