Speakers - Hot New Science

Peiming Zhang

Recognition Tunneling Nanopores as a Universal Platform for Detection and Sequencing of Biomolecules
Biodesign Center for Single Molecule Biophysics

Brenda Hogue

Viroporins-Targets for Antiviral Therapeutic and Vaccine Development
Biodesign Center for Immunotherapy, Vaccines and Virotherapy

Chris Diehnelt

Peptide Microarrays as a Ligand Discovery Platform Technology
Biodesign Center for Innovations in Medicine

Marco Mangone

Dissecting RNA-based regulatory networks
Virginia G. Piper Biodesign Center for Personalized Diagnostics

Carlo Maley

Classifying the Evolution and Oncology of Tumors
Virginia G. Piper Biodesign Center for Personalized Diagnostics

Lih-Fen Lue

The Race is On: Developing Alzheimer’s Core Disease Constituents for Blood Biomarkers
ASU-Banner Neurodegenerative Disease Research Center


Matthew Scotch

Surveillance of RNA viruses using discrete Bayesian phylogeography
Biodesign Center for Environmental Security


Arvind Varsani

Towards unravelling viral dynamics in Antarctic ecosystems
Biodesign Center for Fundamental and Applied Microbiomics