FACS Facility

The Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorting (FACS) Facility located within the Biodesign Center for Infectious Disease and Vaccinology offers cell sorting and flow-cytometry services and applications and serves to support research activities of faculty members, research scientists and students at ASU, as well as, the scientific community in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

FACS Facility Services:

BD FACS Aria Cell Sorter:

  1. Equipped with three air-cooled lasers (488nm, 633nm, 407nm)
  2. Contains five fluorescent detectors, providing up to 15 measurements (including 12 colors) of the cells
  3. Has an Automated Cell Deposition Unit (ACDU) option installed to sort into multiwell plates or onto microscope slides

BD FACS Calibur Analyzer:

  1. Single 488nm laser with three color detection (520nm, 560nm, 660nm)


FACS Aria:
Identify and Isolate various populations of cells

  1. Based on Size
  2. Based on Granularity of the cells
  3. Based on fluorochromes applies to or expressed by the cells, e.g., via expression or florescence protein genes

FACS Calibur:

  1. Examination of cell surface/cytoplasmic markers
  2. GFP/RFP identification
  3. DNA synthesis and cell division assessment
  4. Apoptosis and necrosis analysis
  5. Multi-cytokine array profiling