Research Technician, DNASU Plasmid Repository

Job Description

This position is responsible for performing the day-to-day operations for DNASU Plasmid Repository, including coordinating the preparation and shipping of plasmid samples around the world and customer support. Position also provides support to other core laboratories as needed. This position involves both molecular biology and microbiology laboratory work as well as customer service work. Please see our website,, for more information.

  • Preparation of media and reagents to amplify and maintain plasmids, program the robotic Biostore for deposition and retrieval of samples.
  • Coordinating shipments through commercial shippers.  
  • Participate in DNA sequencing to include DNA preparation, sanger sequencing runs, and reviewing and analyzing sequencing files.  
  • Incumbent will attend to customer service requests including answering phone calls, email, and other service requests for DNASU and other CPD core laboratories (NAPPA core, Genomics Core, Cloning Core).  
  • Customer support includes helping users to order plasmids, obtain information, and refer to other services from DNASU. 
  •  Incumbent will participate in trouble-shooting of problem plasmid requests; handling of purchase orders, wire transfers, checks, and credit card payments from customers; sending/receiving of invoices and preparing financial data review sheets. 
  •  Incumbent will perform routine laboratory maintenance, media preparation, cleaning, ordering supplies, maintaining computer databases and files. 
  • Incumbent will be trained to rotate through and provide support to other core laboratories (Clone Production, NAPPA, and Genomics) as needed.  
  • Training of other personnel for DNASU core activities, helping to train undergraduates. 
  • Incumbent will assist with preparing reports for internal use, maintaining up-to-date, standard operating procedures, and working with other core teams in times of need.  
  • Incumbent should be flexible to respond to unexpected changes in duty.

  • BS in Biological Sciences or Biochemistry or similar required.
  • Experience in handling bacteria, molecular biology techniques, and analyzing DNA sequencing files is desired.
  • Experience with customer service is a plus.


Job Category: 
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