Our group is interested in applying mass spectrometry to solve bioanalytical problems that would be difficult or completely intractable by other means. When interfaced with creative sample preparation, mass spectrometry excels at answering the questions, “What is it?” and “How much is there?” at the molecular level. Since the majority of questions posed in the biochemical sciences fundamentally come down to these two queries, mass spectrometry serves as a nearly limitless resource for biochemical investigations. Specific information about ongoing projects in our lab can be found under the Research link above.

Borges lab group members (left to right): Chad Borges (Asst Prof), Joshua Jeffs (Grad Student), Yueming Hu (Grad Student), Shadi Ferdosi (Grad Student), Erandi Kapuruge (Grad Student), Stephanie Thibert (Grad Student), Zihan Zhang (Undergrad), Jesús Aguilar (Grad Student), Alexander Wilson (Undergrad)