Competitively awarded research grants comprise our single largest source of funding at the Biodesign Institute. Another major source of revenue comes from industry research contracts. We also receive support from a voter-approved fund (the Technology and Research Initiative Fund, or TRIF) that is derived from a percentage of sales tax revenues. This funding was used to launch the Institute, with the expectation that reliance on the fund would be decreased as the Institute is increasingly able to generate other funding.

For this reason, gifts from generous individuals, private nonprofit foundations and other philanthropic sources form a growing and crucial source of support. Federal and industry sources of funding favor mature projects that have already been supported through the discovery phase, so early-stage "launch" funding is particularly important.  However, there are opportunities at all stages of the process where philanthropic investments can accelerate the translation of discoveries into societal use. We invite you to support our research with a tax-deductible donation.

Return on investment 

  • Since its inception, Biodesign has attracted nearly $524 million in competitive grant awards. 
  • In its first full decade of operations since its research facility opened, Biodesign has had a $1.5B impact on the regional economy and supported more than 3,000 jobs. 
  • The Institute won Arizona’s Excellence in Economic Development award for its innovative contributions to the state’s economic growth. 
  • Working with ASU’s IP and technology transfer arm, Skysong Innovations, Biodesign Institute scientists have disclosed more than 864 inventions since inception, resulting in 199 patents issued, 83 licensing agreements and a 35 spin-out ventures. 
  • Biodesign’s contributions to the state’s workforce development include annual employment and training of postdoctoral researchers, undergraduate and graduate students who will go on to matriculate and enter the workforce. 
  • Biodesign has also provided hands-on research experiences for undergraduates, high school students and high school teachers to advance Arizona’s STEM education.