Our microbiomes research is successful in identifying and tracking gut microbes and their products and developing microbial interventions for better human health. We have a diverse group of dedicated experts in microbial ecosystems, interactions between gut microbes and human metabolism and gut-brain connections.

Health Through Microbiomes team


Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown

Director, Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes

Faculty and staff

Sarah Arrowsmith
Laboratory Manager

Marisa Bennett

Devin Bowes
Graduate Research Assistant

Qiwen Cheng
Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Taylor Davis
HTM Graduate Service Assistant - Bioenergetics

Valerie Diem
Administrative Associate

Blake Dirks
Grad Research Assistant

Alana Florea

Carole Flores
Business Operations Manager

Ethan Howley
Graduate Service Assistant

Jeena James
Research Technician

Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown
Center Dir (ACD) & Professor

Srivatsan Mohana Rangan
Grad Research Associate

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Mark Reynolds
Grad Service Assistant

Corrie Whisner
Assoc Professor