Our center is new and growing at the Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University. We are located in the Biodesign complex, an award-winning laboratory that is the research home to scientists from a variety of fields, including computer science, biology, engineering, chemistry and more.

Hiring: Assistant/Associate/Full Professor Microbial Omics and Data Integration

The Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes and The College of Health Solutions seek an outstanding tenure track faculty member (any level) to advance research in microbial omics (metagenomics, metabolomics, metatranscriptomics, metaproteomics, culturomics) analyses and integration. Apply today.

For further information about the Biodesign Center for Health Through Microbiomes or active candidate searches or research collaborations, please contact Rosa Krajmalnik-Brown.

General inquiries should be directed to biodesigninstitute@asu.edu.