The future of nature-inspired scientific innovation

The Biodesign Institute at Arizona State University delivers the future of nature-inspired scientific innovation today for the betterment of human health, community safety and global sustainability.


A legacy of impact

Our scientists have created a therapy against the Ebola virus, discovered an early diagnostic for breast cancer and provided data that brought potentially harmful chemicals in personal-care products to light.

As the premier scientific research institute in the nation’s fastest-growing research university, Biodesign’s impact is accelerating. These are just a handful of ways our research is answering today’s challenges.

$2.9 billion

By 2023, Biodesign’s estimated annual impact on Arizona’s economy will reach $2.9 billion.

$760 million

Biodesign has attracted over $760 million in funding from grants as well as philanthropic and industry sources.

200+ projects

Scientists at Biodesign are undertaking research in over 200 active research projects.

Clinical Testing Laboratory

When COVID-19 appeared in Arizona, we sprang into action to protect our community. Biodesign’s Clinical Testing Lab created the first saliva-based COVID-19 PCR test publicly available in the U.S. Today, the lab tracks critical COVID-19 trends and partners with the state to provide public testing.

Spotlight: The brain

Commonly used herbicide crosses blood-brain barrier

A broad-spectrum herbicide applied to agricultural crops around the world is shown for the first time to cross the blood-brain barrier and infiltrate the brain.

Gifted students explore brain science during an  8-week intensive program

The ASU-Banner Neuroscience Scholars Program provided hands-on training experience for high-achieving students in neuroscience and neurodegenerative research.

ASU scientists find molecular clues behind traumatic brain injury

New research has revealed some of the first detailed molecular clues associated with one of the leading causes of death and disability, a condition known as traumatic brain injury.

Connections leads to innovation

Biodesign is home to researchers from a variety of disciplines who come together to tackle some of humanity’s most complex challenges. Learn more about our ongoing work in the following areas of focus.

At the Biodesign Institute, we are committed to catching disease before it catches us. We are finding creative and clean solutions for energy, air and water. We are inventing diagnostics and treatments that are accessible and affordable. We are growing next-gen researchers who will do the impossible.

Joshua LaBaer, 2022 Executive Director, Biodesign Institute