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Taking a page from nature, Hao Yan and his colleagues explore Holliday junctions. These crossed DNA structures are crucial players during cell division, and help ensure sequence variability in the genome. Holliday junctions are also a basic form used in DNA nanotechnology to create an almost limitless array of tiny structures finding their way into new nanoelectronics, computing applications, medicine and other areas.
Researchers in population genomics build complex mathematical models to describe how evolution shapes the living world. A new consensus statement by luminaries in the field offers fresh insights to improve the process.
A class of antibodies known as autoantibodies are key players in many autoimmune diseases. But a new study confirms they can also frequently occur in healthy individuals, making their use as signposts of disease more complex.
Salmonella, causative agent of most food-borne illness, poses an acute risk for space travelers. A new study uses ground-based simulations of microgravity to uncover new twists in the interplay between host and pathogen.
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