NAPPA Tracking Database

NAPPA Tracking System is a database system for tracking NAPPA slide production, experimental results, data analysis and visualization. The first version of the system tracks slide production, which is when a set of genes are printed on to the matrix along with various controls. Production occurs in two distinct phases: the design phase and the execution phase. In the design phase, the user designs the slide layout (number and arrangement of array features, i.e. genes and controls, defined by a set of robot programs used to transfer genes on 96-well plates to 384-well plates and to slide) and the slide template (the slide layout with the assignment of controls at user defined positions). Both slide layout and slide template are stored in the system for reuse later. The execution phase includes the following processes: grow the clones on the 96-well plate, store glycerol stocks on a 96-well plate (for re-growth later), prepare DNA, DNA quantification and result tracking, re-array to 384-well plate, and print onto slides. The first version is under development and expected to be released soon.