LaBaer Lab: Services

A powerful suite of services and bioinformatics tools are available, serving both the activities of the Center for Personalized Diagnostics and the broader scientific community.  Center researchers have been fortunate to work with many bioinformaticists and programmers, combining their varied talents in order to write programs and design databases that track all of the samples in the lab (FLEXGene), automatically analyze sequencing results (ACE), store data and track our plasmid samples (DNASU and the Storage Tracking Systems), track and help design NAPPA experiments (NAPPA Tracking Database), automatically annotate shRNAs (Annotation and Curation), and do comprehensive literature searches and analysis (MedGene and BioGene). Additionally, our leading edge facility provides sequencing for purified DNA and glycerol stocks, (see DNA Sequencing).

These services further establish the Center for Personalized Diagnostics as a central clearing house for advanced research into the human proteome.