Hands-on Education

You won't find any classrooms at the Biodesign Institute--but you will find a lot of learning and discovery. Research laboratories serve a vital function in the education of ASU students pursuing careers in science, medicine, engineering, bioinformatics and other emerging fields. With the breakneck pace of change in research--with new technologies and discoveries occurring globally and rapidly--there is no better preparation than working side by side with leading experts who are attempting to solve urgent societal problems.

There are a number of excellent research laboratories at ASU. A key facet of Biodesign's laboratories is the depth and breadth of our interdisciplinary approach. While we house 11 research centers, each of these is involved in large-scale projects with other centers. There are no walls between most of the laboratory spaces, allowing easy collaboration between research teams.

Our interest in educating future scientists extends to all levels of the educational system. In the past five years, we’ve provided hands-on laboratory research training for 188 postdoctoral researchers and 301 graduate students, with more than 170 of these entering the workforce to date. We’ve also provided research experiences for 403 undergraduates, 74 high school students and 35 high school teachers.  Most of these programs are only possible through funding support from generous individuals and organizations. If you would like to help, please contact us.